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Who is the craziest, wackiest and kookiest for cocoa puffs Renegader?

Who is the funniest Renegader?

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Who is the most helpful Renegader?

Who has the most experience in the guild, pertaining to knowledge of the game, guild, and items?

Which 2 members are the best twins in the guild?

Choose who are the most alike Renegaders, in terms of friendship, appearance, and how much you see them together in the game. Please remember to list 2 members.

Who is the absolute best builder in Renegade?

Who do you think deserves the title: Renegader of the Year?

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How would you rate guild chat in terms of activity, quality, and enjoyment?
How would you rate the number of events going on in the guild recently?
What is the quality of recent events?
How would you rate the Officer/Leader help in the guild?
How would you rate Lolaya as a leader?
How would you rate Raven Moontrekker as a leader?
How would you rate Jezzi Jumbleboots as a leader?
How would you rate the current selection of Officers?
What is your overall experience in the guild rated as?